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The number two reason businesses fail is Marketing.

Marketing requires constant expertise. Like creating content, you can no longer think marketing is something you can figure out part-time. As the web gets even more saturated, marketing makes the difference for brands and it’s too deep a skill to leave to amateurs.

If you want to survive, you need to spend a lot of time researching distribution channels. You need to identify those that will reach your target audience the best way. You need to hire people who are experienced with the realities of marketing. The most important thing is getting your product into the hands of customers and that’s how we can help. Contact us to find out how.

Digital Marketing

Only Pay for Real Results

AD WORDS Online advertising lets you target your ads to the type of customers you want, and filter out those you don't. When you advertise online with AdWords, you can use different targeting methods to reach potential customers right when they're searching for your products or services.


Search Retargeting

Using search retargeting, we target prospects with display ads based on the searches they perform across the web.

Site Retargeting

Roughly 95% of consumers will leave a site without converting. Retargeting is your chance to re-engage them. Site Retargeting targets users who have already visited your site while they are visiting other sites across the web.


These video ads appear immediately before, within and after content on publishers like CNN, Forbes, ABC Family, Weather, Local News Sites, and others.
Geo Fencing

Virtual Fencing

A virtual fence is drawn around your competitors, when THEIR customer walks in we track them and get ads in front of them to convert them to YOUR customer.

Reputation Management

Do you know what they are saying?


Online Reputation

Can your customers find you online? Do you know what’s being said about you online?


Studies also show that 90% of consumers make decisions based on reviews.

Social Media

Social media only works when you have a plan and take action.

Web Design

Responsive, Mobile Friendly and Custom

  • Ed C.
    It’s been easy to do business with MDI for so many years because it’s a relationship, not just transactional.  They take such great care of us and have such great integrity.  They learned about our business what we needed and what we were trying to accomplish, the demographics we were trying to approach.  They are masters at focus and that we have gotten way more value than we have provided to MDI.
    Ed C.
    Owner C&H Foreign Auto
  • Phil E., Owner/Operator
    It’s been my good fortune to be associated with MDI Marketing and Mark Keas for 14 years.  We have grown three fold in the last decade a lot of that success is due to our marketing partners MDI and that whole team there.
    Phil E., Owner/Operator
    Lookout Pass and Route of the Hiawatha Trail
  • Dustin P., Owner/President
    We have really seen a synergy working with MDI, in a fact that they really do care more about our business than anyone else that we have worked with in the past and we really enjoy working with MDI.
    Dustin P., Owner/President
    Little Caesars Idaho